Pomegranate Peel Powder 100g


Pomegranate peel powder as a natural moisturiser for soft & supple skin

Pomegranate peels are great moisturiser for your skin, the ellagic acid present in the peels lock moisture in the skin. It helps to hydrate skin and protects them from pollutants and other environmental toxins. It also helps to restore the pH balance of your skin. Take two spoonfuls of the pomegranate peel powder and mix well with double the quantity of yoghurt to make a paste out of it. Apply this paste on your face and neck and leave for 10 minutes. Next, wash it off with cold water.

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Benefits of pomegranate peel Powder
  • Fight acne, pimples and rashes. …
  • Detoxify your body. …
  • Prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging. …
  • Acts as a natural moisturiser. …
  • Lower the risk of cancer. …
  • Diabetes control. …
  • Improve brain function. …
  • Protect against heart disease.
5 amazing skin benefits of pomegranate peel powder
  •  Boosts skin cell regeneration.
  • Hydrates skin.
  •  Reduces signs of premature ageing.
  • Treats skin infections.
  •  Helps shrink pores.


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