Petitgrain Essential Oil 30ml

سنگترے کا تیل


  • can also be beneficial for massage.
  • can be helpful for promoting health of body systems.
  • makes a great addition to hot beverages.
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Petitgrain is an essential oil that is extracted from the leaves and green twigs of the bitter orange tree (Citrus aurantium ssp. amara) via steam distillation. It is also known as petitgrain bigarade. Derived from the bitter orange tree, Petitgrain oil has long been used in traditional health practices, for cleaning purposes, and for its various internal benefits.* Widely used in the perfume industry, Petitgrain oil offers a fresh, floral, and often herbaceous aroma that makes it unique and useful in a variety of settings.

Product Info:

Common Names: Bitter orange, Seville orange, سنگترے کا تیل
Latin Name: Citrus aurantium
Botanical Family: Rutaceae

Uses & Health Benefits:

  • Petitgrain oil is its ability to promote relaxing feelings.
  • it is powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.
  • Petitgrain Essential Oil is a wonderful natural remedy to calm problematic skin.
  • It can help in acne-induced irritation or even sunburn.
  • This aromatic essential oil helps to soothe and heal your complexion.
  • It can also be beneficial for massage.
  • It can be helpful for promoting health of body systems.
  • To utilize the cleansing and purifying properties.



• Do not use essential oils or absolutes undiluted; do not apply directly on the skin.
• Keep all oils away from eyes.
• Keep out of the reach of children.



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