Clove Bud Oil 30g

لونگ بڈ آئل


  • Clove bud oil is used in Tiger Balm to help improve circulation. Since this specialty balm is used to soothe muscle aches and pains, cloves are the active ingredient that helps the blood flow through the area and help reduce the pain.
  • Soak a clean cotton rag in clove oils and rub along a Katana sword (or other metal surface) to effectively clean the dust and dirt away. It also gives it a spectacular shine unmatched by other products.
  • Many insect repellent companies use clove essential oil as one of the active ingredients in their spray products.
  • One drop of clove in your coffee or beverage can give you an extra shot of sexual energy. Some believe it’s a great natural way to increase your sex drive if it’s been dwindling lately.
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Clove oil is an essential oil that’s derived from clove trees. The clove tree, known as Syzygium aromaticum, is native to Southeast Asia, although today you may find it growing in other locations, too. Clove oil is produced by distilling the dried flower buds that are collected from the clove tree. Other parts of the tree, such as the stem and leaves, may also be used. Clove oil, which ranges in color from colorless to light yellow and has a strong, spicy aroma, has been used for centuries in a variety of applications.

Uses & Health Benefits:

  • Clove oil had the ability to kill staph bacteria cells in liquid culture and in biofilm. A biofilm is a community of bacteria that lives together, shielded by a protective, slimy film.
  • The effect of clove oil on the dental erosion of teeth by acidic beverages, like apple juice. Dental erosion of teeth can lead to cavities.
  • When applied to the skin, it had any effect on chronic itching. The study found that, compared to petroleum oil, clove oil significantly relieved itching.
  • The effect that clove oil had on a line of human breast cancer cells in vitro, which means the cells were tested in a dish or test tube. The researchers found that clove oil, in certain quantities, was toxic to the cancer cells.
  • Clove bud oil is often used as the active ingredient to soothe the itching and burning typically associated with coming in contact with poison oak or poison ivy.
  • It is used as a pain reliever for conditions such as toothache and muscle pain.
  • It is for digestive upset.
  • To relieve respiratory conditions like cough and asthma.
  • It is useful for hair growth.
  • It is used as a disinfectant,


  • Store at safe and dry places.
  • When applied to the skin: oil is POSSIBLY SAFE when applied to the skin in medicinal amounts.
  • It can sometimes cause irritation, although this is uncommon.


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