Sweet Thorn

پھلی ببول

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  • The sweet thorn has many medicinal.
  • Uses ranging from wound poultices to eye treatments and cold remedies.
  • The mucilage of the gum is used to relieve thrush in the mouth.



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Sweet Thorn (Acacia karroo) is a very variable, thorny, evergreen or almost evergreen tree that grows to a height of 2-20 (-25) m. It has a rounded crown. The branches emerge rather low on the trunk. The bark is smooth and dark red on young branches, becoming rough or fissured and blackish on the trunk and on old branches.

  • English Name: Sweet Thorn
  • Urdu Name: پھلی ببول
  • Scientific Name:  Acacia Karoo

Uses & Health Benefits:

  • The gum, bark and leaves have been used as a soothing agent and astringent for colds, conjunctivitis and hemorrhage.

  • A decoction of the bark is used as an astringent, emetic and as an antidote to ‘tulip’ (Moraea language) poisoning in cattle.

  • The mucilage of the gum is used to relieve thrush in the mouth.

  • A substance has been found in the heartwood which is said to control high blood pressure.


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