Acanthus Seeds (Tukham Atungan)

Acanthus Seeds (Tukham Atungan)

تخم اٹنگن

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  • Used In Cough And Inflammation Of Throat
  • Beneficial In Diseases Of The Blood
  • Helps In Urinary Discharges
  • Used For Treating Ascites



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Acanthus Seeds (تخم اٹنگن) is a robust herbaceous perennial with handsome, lobed foliage and tall, erect racemes of two-lipped flowers with colourful bracts. It is a vigorous, hardy plant with large, glossy dark green leaves and is a true architectural beauty. … In spring the leaves spring up from ground level in a robust whorl.

  • English Name: Acanthus Seeds
  • Urdu Name: تخم اٹنگن
  • Scientific Name: Blepharis Edulis Pers

Uses & Health Benefits:

  • The seeds, leaves, and roots of this plant are used for various medicinal purposes in India.
  • The leaves are used for treating tridosha fevers, urinary discharges, leucoderma, nasal haemorrhage, asthma, cough and inflammation of throat, and mental derangements.
  • They can also be used for treating ascites, liver, and spleen disorders.
  • The leaves usually have beneficial effects on wounds and ulcers.
  • The Acanthus seeds/Tukhm-e-Utangan (تخم اٹنگن) can cure strangury, and are also beneficial in diseases of the blood, chest, lungs and liver.
  • The roots regulate the menstruation in women.


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